Was Mohamad A Hezbollah Terrorist Leader Or September 11 Scapegoat?!


Many Years Fighting For Deserved Freedom

Fifteen years have passed; yet, Mohamad Hammoud is still incarcerated because he allegedly sent $3500 dollars in 1999 to Hezbollah

An Attorney With Great Morality

After the judge sentenced me to 155 years for my alleged $ 3,500 donation to Hezbollah, I was escorted to a holding cell outside the courtroom. There,

Prosecutorial Misconduct

The prosecutor’s duty in a criminal prosecution is to seek justice. Therefore, the prosecutor should “prosecute with earnestness and vigor,” but

Levitt’s New Book and the Truth

Years have passed since Levitt testified as an ‘expert’ on Hezbollah at Mohamad’s trial. As demonstrated earlier, his ignorance concerning Hezbo

Trial and Conviction

I knew this was the case of a lifetime. It was a career maker. USA Kenith Bell There was no proof he [Mohamad] raised funds for violent Hezbollah acti

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