Professor Sami G. Hajjar

Dr. Hajjar was a professor of political science from 1966-1987 at the University of Wyoming where he taught a variety of courses including Middle East Politics and Islamic Political Theory… Dr. Hajjar served at the U.S. Army War College as Professor and Director of Middle East Studies in the Department of National Security and Strategy. He is currently on assignment with the Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College. Dr. Hajjar is the author of numerous professional articles in Middle East studies, public administration, and political science.

In his monograph, “Hezbollah: Terrorism, National Liberation, or Menace?” Professor S.G. Hajjar reviews the history of Hezbollah. Concerning Mohamad’s case, he observed:

“There have also been reports of Hezbollah ties to North America. Hezbollah cells were suspected of being active in Canada and the United States primarily to raise funds through sympathizers and possibly through links to mafia-style groups engaged in illegal trafficking such as money laundering and cigarette smuggling. It should not come as a surprise that among North America’s Muslim communities, some groups sympathize and provide financial support to Hezbollah, nor that some individuals are engaged in illicit money-making ventures. No open convincing evidence exists that these groups are cells organized and controlled by Hezbollah in Lebanon… The preponderance of evidence is that Hezbollah’s focus is primarily centered on Lebanese occupied lands and secondarily on the Palestinian-Israeli conflicts. It has no operational interests other than diplomatic beyond these spheres.”

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